Premify Single-Step 5 Colors Tie Dye Kit | Tie-Dye Textile Colours Yellow Red Violet Green & Blue Large Bottles 120ml

SKU: 5colors-tiedye-redblugrnylwviolt EAN: 078601240525
  • High-Quality: Using high-quality dyes,Non-toxic, 5 color Pack Tie Dye DIY Kit For DIY Arts Clothes Fabric, Dye upto 30 Projects
  • Package Included: 5pcs * Dyes (different colors), 40Pcs * White Rubber Band, 8Pcs * Disposable Gloves, 1PC * Instruction Manual.
  • 120ml each Bottle: Easy DIY tie dye to create vibrant design for shirts and fabrics.No need to soak in the soda ash, just add water, shake and squeeze bottles. The dyes are permanent and color-fast, so they won't fade in the wash, and since they're mixable,you can create your own custom colors.
  • Premify Ideal Tie-dye Paint Gift, it is easy to find the color you want by mixing different colors . Absolutely beginner-friendly Safe and non-toxic, particularly suitable for children and students. Great to use with fabric like cotton, rayon of super absorbent material for best results. Its color is very vibrant and the patterns produced with it will give people energy.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If there is any problem or you are not satisfied, we will do our best to solve it for you.