Premify Paint Palette, Premify Wooden Artist Pallete with Thumb Hole for Oil Paint Art, Acrylic Colors, Size 30x24cm

SKU: wooden-single30cm-palette EAN: 078601240292
  • Super Lightweight - Wooden painting palettes are popular among painters, many artists use it as their first palette. Premify artist’s palette is made from special plywood , it super lightweight but strong, crack and chip resistant , reduce strain and fatigue. Perfect for long time painting in oils or acrylics,used be with painting brush and knife
  • Ergonomic Design - Premify artists paint palette was manufactured into ergonomically with a thumb hole placed perfectly to enable you to grip the palette comfortably whilst mixing colour, and we sand the edges of the balsa wood palette with a fine-grit sandpaper to remove any rough edges. It is designed For RIGHT and LEFT handed artists
  • The mid-value wood colour - As our wooden artist palette is mid-value colour will allow you to see how your colour will appear on the medium tone as opposed to on white, It is very useful for seeing and mixing colour accurate of both light and dark ,especially good for beginners
  • Size - With a classic oval shape this painting palette size is 11.8 x 9.5 inch /30 x 24cm,the surface area on this palette permits ample space for assortment and mixing of colour, fit into sketch boxes and box easels.It is convenient to carry
  • Please noted- As our oil paint palette with super-smooth under sandpaper, it’s easy to clean up with a little solvent, but we always recommend our customers WOOD PALETTE with oil before start using it, and continue to oil palette after use, the surface well sealed very well from potential solvent damage, even cleans it up easily by water