Premify Epoxy Resin – 3L High Gloss 2:1 Ratio (2L Resin + 1L Hardener) Resin Epoxy Kit, Bubble Free & Crystal Clear, Fast Curing Epoxy Glue for Tabletop

SKU: UV-4C23-ABFM EAN: 078601240175
  • EPOXY RESIN: Premify epoxy resin kit applies self-leveling and high gloss resistant formula. No bubble if stirred slowly and evenly. Premify 3L resin epoxy kit includes: 2L epoxy resin + 1L Hardener. Large capacity to meet more needs, is the first choice to refill resin.
  • EASY TO USE: Whether you are a Newbie or pro, both can easily use it. Mix 2:1 ratio by volume, stir slowly for 3-5 minutes, just ensure thoroughly stirring to be no swirls and crystal clear. The projects after curing will have a beautiful transparent finish and hard as a rock.
  • WIDELY APPLICATIONS: Premify epoxy resin kit is ideal for all casting, coating and art projects including coasters, countertops, bar top, resin art, resin jewelry, molds, earrings, ashtray, Christmas gift etc.
  • SAFE & ODORLESS: Epoxy resin kit is safe to use indoors, Non-Odor, Non-Toxic when fully cured, Non-Flammable, UV resistant. To remove any bubbles, use an artist’s torch, heat gun, toothpick, or straw.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: Get better value for your money with our long-lasting transparent Premify epoxy resin 3L pack. Click ‘Add to Cart’ and enjoy your DIY craft making.