Premify Weekly TO DO List Notepad, Task Planner Pad w/Daily Checklist, Calendar Desk Notebook pad to Organize Office (A4 50 Page Sheets)

SKU: ZL-9UFX-3OYN EAN: 078601240019
  • Weekly to Do List Notepad: Weekly to do list notepads that house a checklist, a top priority, a low priority, and a follow-up section, along with sections to make notes or appointments on Monday through Sunday.
  • Priority Section: Weekly To Do List Notepad Low and High Priority Section, Low Priority, along with a Follow Up Section. These notepads have a priority section that allows someone to prioritize the order to complete the tasks. Each task has a checkbox next to it for someone to quickly check the box to indicate the job has been completed.
  • Weekly Notepad: This simple weekly planners papers to do notepad is fantastic to have around to make a note of tasks that need completion while working on something else to avoid relying on memory. A checklist style task list with checkboxes to indicate completion. Great to keep life more organized.
  • Weekly Chore List: These undated pads can be used for home, office, honey-do list, school, chore lists, organizing projects, and delegating tasks. This weekly to-do pad is used for mundane daily tasks or essential projects. Weekly Chore chart, Preparing for travel, Meal Planning, Party Planning, Errand organizing, or simply making a list of shops to visit, making a list of what you want to do on vacation.
  • Page Features: Each page features a weekly plan box where you can write down task that you need to accomplish, and, the notepad shows your entire month on one sheet and you then just rip the page off and start a new month.