120 Round Chalkboard Labels with marker Pantry and Storage Stickers for Jars, Pantry Labels for Jars, Mason, Spice, Glass, Cups, Containers, Canisters, Kitchen, waterproof

SKU: 120-round-labels&markers EAN: 0091128992841
  • ✓ Black Matt vinyl Chalk 120 labels (50mmX50mm size)( 2 inches)
  • ✓ DECORATIVE PERSONALIZED DECOR BLACK BOARD STICKER: Round shape to get attractive results in 3 easy steps: write, peel, stick. Waterproof, removable and reposition able. PLEASE CHOOSE SOLD BY PREMIFY ONLY.
  • ✓ CHALK PEN INCLUDED: Get chalk marker in White color. The Chalk Marker have thin 3 mm tip. Water-based, Odor free, NONTOXIC. It’s easy to clean, just wet a towel and wipe. Sticks on various surface like plastic, glass, wood, metal, ceramic porcelain, porous or nonporous materials.
  • A MULTI-PURPOSE DIY CHALKBOARD LABEL: Works great for mason jars, jelly, spice, jam, herb, candy, cookie or seasoning jars, canning jar, round bottles, wine glasses, coffee cups or tea tin boxes, canisters, wooden wicker baskets, folders, office supplies, classroom toy bins. Organizing and decorating Chalkboard Labels are a good choice for kitchen pantry storage labels. Come in big size to fit more information and symmetric design you can cut in small, mini and medium sizes for different usage
  • ✓ PREMIUM QUALITY LABELS: Matte finish with a crisp clean uniform shape. The surface is not shiny, glossy or slippery; Heavy duty with an appealing look. These are Premium VINYL stickers - allow regular chalk or any liquid chalk marker to write on. The ink dries quickly and it doesn't flake off; Self- adhesive, Washable, and refrigerator.
  • Kitchen and Pantry ✔️ spice bottles ✔️ preserves ✔️ cookie jars ✔️ prepped meals ✔️ wine bottles ✔️ baby food Bathroom and Laundry Room ✔️ laundry basket ✔️ linen boxes ✔️ detergents ✔️ essential oils ✔️ hygiene products Office and Bedroom ✔️ dressers ✔️ closets ✔️ office supplies ✔️ filing cabinets and folders ✔️ towels Garden and Playroom ✔️ garden tools ✔️ seeds ✔️ small plants or sprouts ✔️ toy bins ✔️ arts and craft kits ✔️ books -------------------------------- 3 EASY STEPS ASSEMBLY: These stickers are ready and super easy to use in these easy steps: Using the liquid marker provided, write on the chalkboard stickers Carefully peel the sticker off the backing paper. Don’t throw the backing just yet, you can replace the stickers if you change your mind. Apply the stickers on any surface: glass, wood, plastic, concrete, porcelain, or metal. A clean dry surface will ensure a better application and removable. Easy to Clean: With a damp cloth or tissue, you can easily erase the chalk off the label. our marker don’t leave any chalk dust or residue on the sticker and it comes out clean as new.------ How to use the liquid markers: These gift chalk markers are made of high-quality materials. They stay damp. For optimum use, please follow these instructions: 1. Shake well with the cap on in an upright position for 20-30 seconds. 2. Take the cap off and hold the tip up-right. 3. Place the marker tip up vertically then press the tip to slightly relieve the pressure. 4. Press the tip on a flat surface repeatedly, until you see the ink come out.